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Hikvision, a global provider of innovative security products and solutions, released news of the latest product range to hit its portfolio, the AXHub intruder alarm system.

AXHub intruder alarm system

Part of the Hikvision AX-Series, the brand-new wireless system caters to residential and small commercial applications by seamlessly connecting security and video on one-platform.

“Hikvision is pioneering the one-platform revolution for security systems that enables HD video verification of events, remote control to arm and disarm the alarm, as well as the ability to switch between alarm system and video like never before,” said Jiang Feng Zhi, Head of Hikvision’s alarms division.

CCTV – Its Importance and Benefits

As more and more people are becoming demanding in terms of security, one of the security devices on top of everyone’s minds is the CCTV camera. This device has seen a huge growth in demand in recent times. It is also more accessible and affordable, thanks to the mass production of various components such as camera sensors standardised for multiple uses, which can be used for CCTV as well. The implementation of easier mobile-based interfaces has also made it easy to install and use for individual homeowners. Let us take a closer look at some of the concrete benefits provided by CCTV which have contributed to its widespread use.

Deterrence of crime before it ever occurs

Having a visible CCTV camera installed on the outside of your house or business sends a clear message that you are serious about security. This presents your house or business as a particularly hard and risky target for any potential burglars. Criminals mostly don’t randomly break into any building, they scout an area and choose the easiest target. Sending a message that you are serious about security is one way to ensure that your home or business is not the preferred target for criminals.