About Us


“Innovate and deliver value”.

Vision: To be one of the leading private company in the country, contributing to the socio-economic development of the country in a sustainable manner.

Norter Private Limited was envisioned by the Founder Mr. Sonam Phuntsho, when he first started Bhutan Norter Adventures in 2009. Within a span of 8 years, Bhutan Norter adventures has grown into one of the top ten tour company in the country. After the successful travel venture and as envisioned in 2009, Mr Sonam Phuntsho established Norter Trading & ICT services, Norter Production, Norter little angels ECCD, Norter Training Institute and Norter Construction.

norter training institute

Norter Training Institute

“Your guide to excellence”

Mission: Our purpose is to provide cutting-edge and ultra-modern skills required in the everyday workplace.

In keeping with the importance of developing human resource capacity for any organization and the country at large, Norter Training institute was formed to equip the young job seekers with cutting – edge and ultra-modern skills required in the modern workplace. The training institute was also formed to enhance the productivity of the professionals from different organizations in the country, by imparting best practices and better ways to enhance productivity with the best resource person from within and outside the country.

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Norter little angel

Little Angels Early Child Care & Development Center

“Your guide to excellence”

Mission: Our purpose is to provide the best wholesome education in an affordable manner.

Norter Little Angels ECDC was established in line with the government’s policy to provide affordable and quality education to the children. In order to gain the much-required experience in the field of child care and education, the early childcare and development center was established and as envisioned the ECDC would be later upgraded to a school. The school would be focusing on providing quality education that would prepare them as a learned future citizen of the country.

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Norter Trader

Norter Trading & ICT services.

Mission: Our purpose is to meet all the ICT demands of the Bhutanese market in the most affordable manner.

Over the years, Norter Group was able to build on its long-term partnership with its business partners across the globe, thus Norter Trading & ICT services was established. The firm was established to provide the best ICT equipment’s and services to the customers at a very affordable price. The firm would strive to play a great role not just in providing services but also grooming the young ICT graduates of the country by providing them with learning opportunities.

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Norter adventures

Bhutan Norter Adventures

“A Luxury Tour and Trekking Company.”

Mission: Our purpose is to provide our clients the best that the Kingdom has to offer.

Bhutan Norter Adventures is a tour and trekking company based in Bhutan’s capital, Thimphu. Literally, the name “Nor” mean “Wealth” and “Ter” means “Hidden Treasure”. The company was established to provide a glimpse of Bhutan (the Land of Happiness) to the outsiders who are increasingly curious about its ancient cultural mores, traditions, spectacular environment and a lifestyle that balances spirituality with material progress.

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norter construction

Norter Construction.

Mission: “To be one of the best engineering and Construction Company in the country with a very high environmental and work safety ethics.”

Bhutan is one of the fastest growing economy in South-Asia and the role of private construction companies are very important. The private-public partnership in this sector would play a great role in building the nation without degrading our environment. There are also huge opportunities to create employment opportunities in the construction sector and make our country self-reliant. Norter Construction was formed to contribute to the nation building and to undertake important works like the power and telecommunications work, roads and bridges, traditional Bhutanese painting, drainage, irrigation channels, flood controls, water supply and sewerage. As envisioned, the construction company would follow high environmental and work ethics with the goal to make the construction industry a safe and preferred choice to work amongst the unemployed youths of the country.

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norter productions

Norter Productions

“A Bhutanese Entertainment Company”

Mission: Redefining the entertainment industry in the country by being the forerunner in technology adaptability.

With the increasing disposable incomes of the Bhutanese people, the demand for high quality audio-visual infotainments are also increasing year on. Even for the organizations, the best way to connect with the masses is through high quality audio-visual infotainment and commercials. In keeping with the increasing demands of the people and also to redefine the entertainment industry in the country by being the forerunner in technology adaptability, Norter Productions was formed in the year 2017. Norter Productions was also formed to provide employment opportunities in the entertainment industry by providing a sustainable and gainful employment to the youths of the country.

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